Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Finally, some rest for the wicked

Sadly, we aren't going to be brightening up your Tuesday night like we usually do this week as we are taking our mid-year week off. However, that's not to say you still can't get your fill of quality hip-hop. Check out the Podcast archives at www.UrbanRenewalProject.net to fill yourself in on what you may have missed!

We have interviews with the likes of Marco Polo & Torae, Keith Murray, Mr. Lif, Red 1, Tona, Planet Asia, Snak The Ripper, Jeff Spec & NaRai, Jay Kin and plenty more so don't sleep! Add interviews such as these to the weekly mix of brand new tracks as well as underground gems and classics, you have yourself a ton of audio goodness!

Since we're off this week, here's some tracks I've been feeling lately:

Jay-Z - D.O.A. (Death Of Autotune)

Wale f/ Lady GaGa - Chillin' (DJ Benzi & Willie Joy remix)

Blaq Poet f/ N.O.R.E. - Hate (Produced by DJ Premier)

Jay Kin - 1 2 3 4

Fatt Matt & DJ Moves - Rusty Hooks

Grand Puba f/ Sadat X, Lord Jamar & Kid Capri - This Joint Right Here (Remix)

Krumb Snatcha - Secret

That's it for now...



Friday, June 26, 2009

What's good?

We started off by featuring legendary Rocksteady Crew DJ, JS-1's new album entitled "Grand Original 2: No Sell Out". The album has a ton of features, with a lot of appearances from Golden Era greats as well as some new school emcees. The production is solid as well so don't sleep on this joint.

We were then joined by Snak The Ripper over the phone, live from the Snak Cave. The Vancity MC shed some light on the production credits and features on his sophomore solo album, "Sex Machine". We also got into a few exclusive cuts from the LP, so don't sleep! The album will be available on www.camobeardigital.com on July 1st, with physical copies to come! Check Snak out on MySpace (www.myspace.com/snaktheripper), Facebook (www.facebook.com/snaktheripper) and Reverb Nation (www.reverbnation.com/snaktheripper).

That was it for interviews tonight, but we did get into plenty of music, from new bangers to old classics. We had everything from DJ Quik to Blaq Poet, Tash to Tona, Marco Polo & Torae, Mos Def, Snak The Ripper and plenty more! Check out the podcast by CLICKING HERE or visiting www.UrbanRenewalProject.net !

And a closing note for all the aspiring journalists out there, check out www.Orato.com. It is a good way to get your work online and available to view.


Big M

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fatt Matt & DJ Moves - Rusty Hooks

Nice little vid by some of Vancity's finest! Beat by Big Moves.

Fatt Matt & DJ Moves - Rusty Hooks

Thursday, June 18, 2009

What's good?

We got it warmed up tonight by featuring Soulstice's album, Beyond Borders. The album is an international collaboration with MCs from around the world, including a couple Canadian cats! The album is bangin', so don't sleep!

We then spoke to the Chicago MC himself, who is currently in Washington. We discussed everything from current social issues facing North America and the world as a whole, his new international project and artist exposure with the conscious lyricist. We also got into some talk about collaborations, remixes and future touring plans! Hit up iTunes and search Soulstice to check out his work! Keep up to date with him on his MySpace Page!

We were then joined by the incredible duo of Canadian producer Marco Polo and NY MC Torae! This interview touched on everything from the formation of the group and touring, to the creative process that went into making their bangin' album, "Double Barrel". We also got into what music the two were feeling, as well as if Marco Polo being Canadian has rubbed off on Torae in terms of liking maple syrup and hockey, for example! Check out the duo's MySpace page to keep up with all their moves! www.MySpace.com/DoubleBarrel08! Don't sleep on "Double Barrel", out now on Duck Down Records! It's one of the best albums of the year so definitely don't miss it!

The Urban Renewal Project also has to pass along our birthday wishes to the late Tupac Amaru Shakur, who would have been 38 today. We got into a mix of some of 2Pac's best work in his honour.

We also got into a gang of goodness by the likes of Theo 3, Raekwon, Jay Kin, Ghostface Killah, Skyzoo & Maino, Nas, Tona, Marco Polo & Torae, Soulstice and plenty more! Great show!! Download the podcast at www.UrbanRenewalProject.net right now!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

June 16th, 2009 -- Happy Birthday Tupac

The Urban Renewal Project passes along birthday wishes the late Tupac Shakur and his family. He would have been 38 years old. We will be posting some of our favourite Tupac tracks in the days to come!

Friday, June 12, 2009

URP Radio -- June 9, 2009

What's good?

We kicked off the show with a double-shot from Mos Def's new LP, "The Ecstatic". The album has a little bit of everything, for the heads who love the Blackstar sound to those who were loving Mos' sound on The New Danger. This eclectic album should do well in all circles so check it out!

We were then joined by T. Dot MC, Theo 3. We discussed his beginnings as a rapper in high school down to the open mics, then onto his working relationship and friendship with DJ Grouch. We also discussed Toronto being the "Screwface Capital" as well as some remixes and future projects Theo 3 has in store. Check out his myspace (www.myspace.com/theology3) for all the latest on Theo 3!

Right up next we were joined by Vancouver veteran and Canadian hip-hop legend, Red 1 from The Rascalz. We got into some discussion about the origins of the Rascalz movement, the Canadian hip-hop scene, and the impact Northern Touch had on all those involved, such as Red 1 himself, Little X, Kardinal Offishall and more. Red also has a new project in the works, so check him out at www.myspace.com/red1music.

We were also treated tonight when Jay Kin (www.myspace.com/jaykin) and DJ Seko (www.myspace.com/djseko604) came through the studio! DJ Seko rocked the 1's and 2's in Sage's place and Jay dropped some rhymes and some exclusives from his new album, "On The Humble". Check out the release parties on June 28th starting at the John B. Pub in Coquitlam from 7-10pm and then over to Republic in Vancouver!

We even played Balderdash live at the end of the show! All in all, classic show! Lots of music from Blaq Poet, to the Rascalz, Albe Back, Jadakiss, Jay Kin, Tona, Marco Polo & Torae, Red & Meth and plenty more! Check out the podcast on www.UrbanRenewalProject.net -- AVAILABLE NOW!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

New Raekwon goodness and more...

Raekwon - Olympus

Nice track, the Chef keeps on cookin up that marvelous shit..

Albe Back f/ Naledge & 88 Keys - Walk On By

Damn, seems everything 88 Keys touches these days turns to gold....

And for good measure, here's some random Snak The Ripper madness...

URP Radio - June 2nd, 2009

What's up party people?

If you were expecting a wicked show this week, you won't be disappointed!

We got it kicked off with a double shot from what Sage calls his favourite album of the year so far, Torae & Marco Polo's "Double Barrel". There's been some solid releases so far this year, so that says a lot! We all know Marco Polo is a (Canadian) beast on the boards, and Torae is a certified fire-spitter, so that right there tells you that this album will be dope!

We were then joined by Scarborough's own, Tona. We mainly discussed his new album, a joint effort with producer Lyve, entitled "Direct Deposit". This is a dope album that features MCs such as Saukrates and JD Era, so don't sleep on it! Also check out the re-launched and re-vamped www.BigTona.com for all the latest on this talented Canadian!

After some phone mix-ups, we finally touched base with San Jose MC Jendor, with whom we discussed his being discovered after winning an MTV battle, his influences, collaborations and production. Check out www.JENDOR.net to get familiar with Jendor if you aren't already!

We also got into a load of music from Fokis, Mr. Porter, Blaq Poet & DJ Premier, Kid Cudi, Tona, Busta Rhymes and plenty more! Check out the podcast on www.UrbanRenewalProject.net right now!