Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tunes of the Week! -- April 29, 2010

Choclair f/ Saukrates - Body Language

B.o.B. f/ Lupe Fiasco - Past My Shades

Little Brother f/ Chaundon - So Cold (Editors note: How sick is Phonte?)

Saukrates f/ D-Sisive - Wednesday (remix)

Murs & 9th Wonder f/ Kurupt - Fornever

...and now for a random-ass track...

Awol One - Rhythm

...and now for a Guru track so nobody forgets....

Gang Starr - Battle

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April 27, 2010 -- PODCAST -- Vantastic!

This week's double shot was from B.o.B.'s new album, "The Adventures of Bobby Ray". Solid album from what I've heard, but we decided it may need some time to grow on us. Still, it's good to see some quality new blood in the game and it doesn't hurt that one of the only features on the album is the one and only Eminem. Check it out.

We had a packed show tonight with some of the cats from the Vantastic events rolling through. They got Vantastic Vol. 2 poppin this Friday (April 30, 2010) at the Chapel Arts (304 Dunlevy St.). JOIN THE FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE HERE!. They got the full list of performers and all the details you need. DJ Sage will be in the house, repping the URP!

While you're on the Facebook tip, don't forget to search the Urban Renewal Project and join the group! Get updates on what's in store for every show and more!

We also managed to get some music in this week, with plenty of goodness from the likes of Choclair, Reflection Eternal, The Wu-Tang Clan, Theo 3 and plenty more. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PODCAST!!!!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

April 20, 2010 -- R.I.P. GURU

We were saddened to have to go on the air tonight a mere one day after legendary GangStarr MC, Guru, passed away after his lengthy battle with cancer. For years while part of and apart, Guru ran game in the biz. He is, hands down, one of the most influential MCs of all time. The Urban Renewal Project gives our deepest condolences to Guru's family. Even though he is gone, he leaves behind a legacy of sound that will serve to school people for generations to come. We got the ball rolling by laying down a ton of Guru material, with more to come.

On a lighter note, a light green note, it’s 420 and what could possibly be a better place to celebrate this day, than in Vancity. So we are sure all you kush heads got it going on. We also had music for the smokers bumping as well.

There is tons going on in here as well. We just had Son Real live in the studio ( and he has got a new mixtape droppin, so keep your ears peeled for that. Doing some big thangs!

to listen to this week's show, it's a good one you won't want to miss!

GURU -- The Rep Grows Bigger

Some more Guru goodness, as promised...

Gang Starr - The Rep Grows Bigga

Guru & Masta Ace - Conflict

Tony Touch f/ Gang Starr - The Piece Maker

Macy Gray, Mos Def & Guru - I've Committed Murder (Gang Starr remix)

Guru's Jazzmatazz f/ Common - State Of Clarity

Guru - No Time To Play

Guru f/ Angie Stone - Keep Your Worries

Gang Starr - New York N*ggaz

Guru (Jazzmatazz) - Lifesaver

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

R.I.P. Keith Elam (aka GURU) July 17, 1966 - April 19, 2010

On Monday, April 19th the world lost a true Hip-Hop legend. Keith Elam, better known as Guru, passed away on April 19th 2010 following a heart attack and coma as well as a lengthy battle with cancer. Guru made a name for himself by delivering deep, smooth lyrics with his monotone style that was one of the most instantly recognizable in Hip-Hop. Longtime Hip-Hop fans will remember the string of classic albums released by Guru and DJ Premier as Gang Starr and the subsequent Jazzmatazz series that Guru embarked on. There is no way to do justice to the accomplishments of a legend in one post, but here it goes. Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal, R.I.P.

Gang Starr - You Know My Steez

Gang Starr - Moment Of Truth

Gang Starr - Mass Appeal

Gang Starr - Words I Manifest

Gang Starr - Full Clip

Gang Starr - Who's Gonna Take The Weight

Gang Starr - Check The Technique

Gang Starr - Gotta Get Over (Professor Remix)

Gang Starr f/ Krumbsnatcha - Make Em Pay

Gang Starr f/ Inspectah Deck - Above The Clouds

Gang Starr - New York Strait Talk

Gang Starr - Discipline

Guru, Lil Dap & Kai:Bee - That's How It Iz

Gang Starr - Ex Girl To Next Girl

Gang Starr f/ Jadakiss - Rite Where U Stand

Rest In Peace Guru, we'll see you when we get there.

April 13, 2010 -- PODCAST -- Brass Tackz!

We set it off proper by featuring a couple tracks of the brand new Murs/9th Wonder album “Fornever”. I am loving this album. It arrives in perfect time with the weather warming up and sun shining down. This album encompasses that West Coast vibe via beats and guests (Kurupt and Suga Free). In addition, has Murs doing what he does best, which is telling stories. Some of the subject matters Murs covers on this record are: dating a porn star, fighting hangovers at an office job, drama filled relationships, and his love of hip-hop is expressed throughout the entire disc particularly on the track “I Used To Luv Her (Again)”.

We also had some local heavy hitters live in the studio! Brass Tackz rolled through to tell us what is good. Not only have the fellas been tearing down shows locally, but they are just recently back from touring Spain; doing both shows and recording music with some of the local talent. Individually they are doing big things as well D-Rec fresh off his beat battle win. While both Evil and Snak talked about their recent signing to Camobear Records, and their upcoming solo albums dropping this Summer. If that wasn’t enough the boys engaged in some good old fashion freestyling to end things off right.

Tons of great tunes tonight as well, don't sleep on that or the Brass Tackz exclusive cypher... DOWNLOAD THE PODCAST HERE!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

April 6, 2010 -- URP Podcast

We started the night off by featuring a double shot from the new Diabolic album, "Liar and a Thief", available now courtesy of Viper Records. If you're in the mood for some grimeyness, check out this Immortal Technique-assisted disc on the double! Tons of nice features from Vinnie Paz, Canibus, and won't regret it.

We had Garrett from Black Phoenix slide through the URP to plug some upcoming events ranging from Slaughterhouse hitting Whistler and Vancouver on April 20th and 22nd, respectively. Vancouver's Global Syndicate is also on the bill, so don't miss out. Not only that, April 16th is the date you should be at Mint Nightclub in Vancity for “To Chile With Love”, with 100% of proceeds going to relief for Chile in the light of the recent earthquake. Minimum donation is $15 dollars, which adds up and goes a long way to help those who are living in the turmoil caused by the natural disaster. Make sure you check out the podcast to download this podcast to get the rundown on more events coming your way, including Beanie Sigel visiting Vancity!

DOWNLOAD THE PODCAST HERE to listen to great tunes from Marco Polo & Ruste Juxx, The CLipse, Common, Freeway, King Reign and plenty more!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Freeway is Sick

Don't be fooled by the name... Philly Freezer is on fire..

Freeway & Jake One - Throw Your Hands Up

Freeway & Jake One f/ Young Chris - Microphone Killa

Freeway - Street Music

Freeway - Crack Rap

Freeway - It's Over

Guru/DJ Premier/Solar mess

By now, you probably all know about Keith Elam (aka Guru) going into cardiac arrest and being hospitalized. While he is currently recovering, there is another controversy brewing as his current producer, Solar, is accusing Guru's family members of trying to use him and preventing many of Guru's people of visiting him in the hospital. Why he would choose this particular time to get at others is beyond me. (@DJPremierBlog on Twitter), a DJ Premier co-signed website recently air out Solar, who has been threatening to release documents proving that Guru's family members are trying to benefit from the veteran MCs name.

…Written by gimantalon:

Many people asked me to actually do this and I come clean, I didn’t really enjoy writing this. However, the truth has to be written to the public. The people who wrote me asked for my help. About the whole Solar Guru situation… We should have known people. We should have known this would come this far. Superproducer Solar is a manipulator of the highest degree and loves to control people. I really hate making a post on DJ Premier Blog about Solar, I even promised last year not to mention Guru ever again (because I saw no ending with that Solar dude).

A lot of people who worked with Guru and Solar came forward to me with their stories about 7Grand Records and Solar in this intense week. Mostly they write about how heartbreaking it is to hear that their former partner Guru had a heart attack and that Solar is with him making it hard for his family, they are very concerned. The reason they wrote the truth in countless letters is because they want Guru away from Solar with the help of the public (like Justin asked in his video). It was no fun for them writing about Guru’s evil friend, especially when Guru was one of the friendliest people they ever met, and were blessed to work with. To the few persons Guru had contact with, he was always very kind. He was a master at cheering someone up. If you saw Guru you wouldn’t think he was sad, he wouldn’t let you see it someone wrote me. He didn’t want to make someone sad because of him. That’s maybe the reason Solar had so much control on Guru. Guru’s first concern wasn’t himself, but the persons next to him. I hope you respect why they want to stay anonymous. They don’t want to harm the person, Guru, that were always good to them. Yet, what Solar puts Guru trough is unacceptable and makes people angry for a damn good reason. No one wants to see a good person suffer and taken advantage of. So I warn all of you, the next thing I’m about to write is something like or, you are not forced to read it. Keep Guru in the back of your mind, because he needs our support. Even so, here are some facts about the person who is now with Guru:

-Solar claims to be a member of the Nation of Gods and Earths. He consider himself as a God. 7Grand logo is inspired from the religions logo.

-Solar claims to have saved Guru from alcohol abuse.

-Solar and Guru likes to believe the media that they were friends before they worked together. Which isn’t completely true. Guru was introduced to Solar by Black Jesus who worked on projects with Guru. Solar just started producing and when he came into the picture he disrupted and poisoned his mind against Black Jesus and his crew.

-Solar always told Guru that his old friends hate him and that he is nobody without him. Guru is scared of that and don’t want to end up alone in his mid 40s. Solar isn’t that stupid, if Guru and DJ Premier make music again he can say bye bye.

-Every journalist that would like to take an interview with Guru is firstly asked not to question about Gang Starr or DJ Premier. Solar always has to sit next to Guru (even with a phone interview). If you watch some interviews of them you can see how Solar likes to interrupt Guru to say it better. I once heard an interview when he got mad (because of DJ Premier) and asked the interviewer ‘what the deal is’. Guru didn’t move a bit.

-Solar likes to write mails in Guru’s name to the 7Grand artists. You can tell the difference between Guru and Solar. Guru always wrote like a poet, Solar like a thug.

-Guru is allowed to sign autographs for a certain amount of time, after which Solar yells ‘that’s enough’, grabs his arm and drags him off.

-When a girl shows interest in Guru she firstly needs to be approved by Solar, which led Guru with no girls most of the times. When you ask him about it, Guru always replies: ‘Solar is helping me to be disciplined, I need that’.

-It has been reported that Solar harbours intense jealousy for the Jazzmatazz trumpet soloist Brownman. I received emails from promoters stating that they’ve seen Solar pack Brownman into a cab and send him back to the hotel early when audiences are freaking out over his trumpet playing. One promoter describes the reaction to Brownman as “so much cheering you couldn’t hear Guru talk, while Solar’s reception was luke-warm at best”. This infuriates Solar and he has used lies such as “we have an early flight” as excuses to shuttle the trumpet player away from the crowd. Eventually Solar made Guru stop introducing the band members entirely. The superproducer’s own introduction would go on for minutes, while the all-star band – including the well known DJ DooWop – were treated like nobody’s. Other sources have reported that Solar has had many conflicts with Brownman, stemming from Solar’s insecurities over Brownman’s ability to engage an audience as a soloist – while he himself has no business on stage next to Guru. Why is the producer of the show on stage in the first place?

-Solar feeds on the career of Guru , of which he has total control over. While playing in Norway a few years ago, he demanded weird stuff and complained that he had not received enough smoked salmon and champagne. Most of the people didn’t even know who he was.

-It’s not like anyone didn’t know about this, a lot of this has been said before. Here you have a picture of a fan who wanted to own Solar. Here you have other blogs besides mine who spoke about it, here’s another one. This funny picture I posted on my blog spread like wild fire one year ago, now it’s off course not funny anymore. Actually I’ve known several journalists who wrote bad things when they did an interview with Guru and Solar.

-Solar was thinking about a new Gang Starr album, probably without DJ premier. Guru told us last year it’s possible there would be a new Gang Starr album. If there would be one, it will be released on 7Grand Records. Solar made him believe only he is Gang Starr. After that statement an official twitter opened @GangStarr_NY that was promoted through Guru’s official twitter, which is in control of Solar.

-Guru is not the only one that Solar is controlling and brainwashing. The keyboard player of the Jazzmatazz band, Dave Scott, was even worse terrorized. Dave literally runs to pack up Solar’s food when Solar commands him to everywhere he demands. Dave does all kind of things for Solar. Like giving his clothes and making up a room with the things solar wants. He even does Solar’s laundry on tour often. He is terrified to lose his job because he has nothing else. When I posted that Jazzmatazz band left 7grand in January (due to Solar), he wrote eight comments in three hours begging me to add that he hasn’t quit. That’s how terrified he is from Solar, who runs things via abuse and terror. Also I hope he will be set free from Solar and go his own path.

-Solar blocks every source of information to Guru because he knows his old friends still love him.

-Solar and his wife signed a health care proxy as brother and sister of Guru. Guru’s room is protected with a guest list and a black list. Solar told the hospital that there were pictures taken from Guru without permission, which was not true.

-Solar can’t be mistaken with MC Solaar, the legendary MC from France who Guru worked with in 1993. When Guru first toured with Solar (I think 2005), I made this mistake. Then I saw some other lame dude, never knew who he was at the moment, but he wasn’t MC Solaar.

There is more that should better kept private, but I think you get the picture. I think Guru is still at an instable condition, so I would like everybody to still pray until he’s better. When he is, he will have a difficult job to do. Considering him not wanting to harm anyone. Actions, however, need to be taken, but first we need to see if Guru is at a stable condition. Pray for him, anyone who met him in person knows he deserves it.

It’s possible the future tells us he doesn’t want to reunite with DJ Premier at any price, if so then I’m afraid we shall need to accept this. We need to accept any decision by Guru. And lastly, this has nothing to do with DJ Premier you gossip magazines. And once again, I would like to thank the hip hop community to stand together to support Guru. Gang Starr 4 Ever!!

(Note: Solar’s official twitter is now redesigned by Yo! Promotions, check it out now!! Y’all should be ashamed, fo real.)

My 2 cents…

It's sad that all this mess has to take place when Guru just needs the support of his family, friends and fans. Solar needs to check himself quickly, because the way he's carried himself over the last couple months is appalling and supports the above claims. The Urban Renewal Project continues to wish Guru a full recovery and and for this whole situation to be resolved peacefully.

March 30th, 2010 -- PODCAST -- Crooked I

We opened up the show with a double shot from the much anticipated Raekwon/Ghostface Killah/Method Man album, "Wu-Massacre". Whenever three heavyweights like this get together, you can't help but listen. Do yourself a favor and check this one out if you're a Wu fan or a fan of good tunes in general.

We were also fortunate to be joined by the West Coast representative of Slaughterhouse, Crooked I. Crook chopped it up with us about the process of making music as a part of a successful supergroup, his label and the artists housed within it, his favourite fitted hats and much more! Check him out at for all the latest on Crooked I and Slaughterhouse!

We had tons of good music this week, including Marco Polo & Ruste Juxx, Freeway & Jake One, Slaughterhouse, Rich Kidd, Ras Kass and plenty more... interested? CLICK HERE to download the podcast!