Saturday, April 10, 2010

April 6, 2010 -- URP Podcast

We started the night off by featuring a double shot from the new Diabolic album, "Liar and a Thief", available now courtesy of Viper Records. If you're in the mood for some grimeyness, check out this Immortal Technique-assisted disc on the double! Tons of nice features from Vinnie Paz, Canibus, and won't regret it.

We had Garrett from Black Phoenix slide through the URP to plug some upcoming events ranging from Slaughterhouse hitting Whistler and Vancouver on April 20th and 22nd, respectively. Vancouver's Global Syndicate is also on the bill, so don't miss out. Not only that, April 16th is the date you should be at Mint Nightclub in Vancity for “To Chile With Love”, with 100% of proceeds going to relief for Chile in the light of the recent earthquake. Minimum donation is $15 dollars, which adds up and goes a long way to help those who are living in the turmoil caused by the natural disaster. Make sure you check out the podcast to download this podcast to get the rundown on more events coming your way, including Beanie Sigel visiting Vancity!

DOWNLOAD THE PODCAST HERE to listen to great tunes from Marco Polo & Ruste Juxx, The CLipse, Common, Freeway, King Reign and plenty more!

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