Wednesday, February 23, 2011

URP Tuesdays -- February 22nd 2011

Tonight the Urban Renewal Project got straight into the mix with some fire. Sage slung us up a serving of Blu, Nas, Saukrates and tons of other artists as a prelude to our interview with Boston MA. rapper: Wispers. He's got the "No Love" single banging for the streets and "Show Stopper" for the the clubs. Wispers is a veteran of the U.R.P and we enjoyed touching base with him once again.

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Our pace was torrid on this night, as DJ Sage spun as many tracks as he could fit into our 2 hour time frame. The focus of the week is on our debate about whether or not we should be listing all of the live shows going on in the near future. One side of the camp suggested that we just list who is in town and then instruct listeners to peep all of the dates on our page and blog. The other side suggested that it was stupid idea and that I should shut up. Innovation is so persecuted in our society.

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Anyways, special shout out goes to Big M and his girl of 2 years on their anniversary and we're hoping they had a blast at the Canucks vs. Canadiens game. I'm sure Big M was pleased with the outcome, no matter how it turned out as he is a supporter of both clubs. Finally, never forget your inherent human rights and your responsibilities to protecting these at all costs. Stay informed in this world. As we mentioned in the show for example, new information is out on the LAPD's involvement in the coverup of the murder of Christopher Wallace. Read up here:

Please support CO-OP radio and become a member. We are a free service and need your help to stay running. Visit to find out more. Although if you are willing to donate money to Wikileaks instead, we are happy anyway.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

URP Tuesdays -- Dollar Day

We kicked off this evening's show with the now legendary Battle of the Beats segment. This week's theme: Money, dollars, ends, greenbacks, cash, flow, moola, bucks, gwap, and all other applicable synonyms. Once again, we strayed from the obvious picks, such as C.R.E.A.M., I Love The Dough, Gimme The Loot, and so on. The Big M pick of the night was DJ Babu & Rakaa Iriscience's Ends To Means, while TwoFace Al chose The Dough by Prodigy & Alchemist. Both solid tracks, and if you haven't heard them, hit up the URP Facebook page to take a listen and let us know what you think.

We were then joined by the MC half of Dragon Fli Empire, Teekay. We discussed some upcoming shows, particularly the February 21st stop at The Biltmore in Vancouver. Dragon Fli Empire will be tearing it down with Vancity's own Emotionz, among others! Hit up up for many more tour dates and all the latest from the team, including a new release from the other half of Dragon Fli Empire, DJ Cosm. Also follow Teekay on Twitter RIGHT HERE.

As if that wasn't good enough, Heatwave and some of the Killawatt fam rolled through the studio to promote his new project, The Masses vol. 2. We also discussed Heatwave's artistic progression through doing all of his own mixing and recording on his first project. Vol. 2 lets the fans in on this progression. We also got into his relations with other Vancouver artists, as well as some huge upcoming shows in Vancouver: February 18th at Fortune Sound Club alongside Fashawn and Evidence, and February 23rd, opening for Dogg Pound at Bar None. Head over to for tour dates and of course, to download The Masses Vol. 2, FREE.99!

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

URP Tuesdays -- Gang's All Here


Posse Cuts were front and center when we kicked off tonight's show with the legendary beat battle we've established. We felt we needed to go off the map a bit for this one and avoid picking the obvious choices (The Symphony, Affirmative Action, Scenario, Buddy, etc...) just to switch it up a little bit. The Big M pick of the night was Reservoir Dogs by Jay-Z featuring Sauce Money, Beanie Sigel and The L.O.X., while TwoFaceAl went with Therapy by The Alchemist featuring Blu, Kid Cudi, Talib Kweli and Evidence. Stiff competition... what do you think? We posted both on the URP Facebook Fan Page, let us know!

We also bigged up a fallen soldier all night long with tons of classic tunes. We're referring to the late J Dilla, whose birthday was yesterday, February 7th. Even in a two hour program, we weren't able to get all of his best material in. If you aren't familiar with Dilla, we recommend getting on top of it and buying some of his music or even just scouring YouTube or something to understand just how many artists he blessed with top-notch production.

As has been the case for the past couple of weeks, we're struggling to solve our podcast issues. But until then, keep it locked here and on www.URPRadio.Podomatic because we're close!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

URP Tuesdays: For the Ladies...

Our theme for this week's Beat Battle revolves around the songs about the ladies. We're not talking about throwing an R. Kelly (no disrespect) type crooner and spitting elementary rhymes about fat kids and cakes. We're referring to those tracks that you aren't embarrassed to bump while you're by yourself in the car or on the train. Our choices were pretty obvious, but the tracks were too dope to overlook. You probably could have guessed 'Renee' by The Lost Boyz, as well as 'You're All I Need' by Method Man f/ Mary J Blige, but hey, at least it gives us an opportunity to play these classics on a Tuesday night. Honorable mention to Mos Def's 'Ms. Fat Booty', Masta Ace's 'Brooklyn Masala' and half of LL Cool J's entire catalogue.

With the womanly theme fresh in our minds, we were joined by Brooklyn duo, M-Tri and Leecy T. She's the DJ, he's the rapper. M-Tri also works with The Sleepwalkas, whose recent single, 'Rhyme Flow' featuring Sadat X, was near the top of our 2010 charts. The duo breathe some true school air into the game, with as much chemistry as any DJ-MC combos we have ever heard. Make sure to listen to the interview and HIT UP THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE RIGHT HERE!

What do DJ Kool Herc's health, the Diddy and a pervert "accidentally" falling into jogging women's posteriors have in common? We discussed all of them on tonights edition of the Urban Renewal Project. Throw in some tracks from Nas, The Sleepwalkas, J. Cole, DL Incognito and Theo 3 and you got yourself a pretty damn good Hip-Hop radio show. Keep it locked here and because we promise to have the freakin' podcasts back in effect real soon!