Wednesday, February 23, 2011

URP Tuesdays -- February 22nd 2011

Tonight the Urban Renewal Project got straight into the mix with some fire. Sage slung us up a serving of Blu, Nas, Saukrates and tons of other artists as a prelude to our interview with Boston MA. rapper: Wispers. He's got the "No Love" single banging for the streets and "Show Stopper" for the the clubs. Wispers is a veteran of the U.R.P and we enjoyed touching base with him once again.

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Our pace was torrid on this night, as DJ Sage spun as many tracks as he could fit into our 2 hour time frame. The focus of the week is on our debate about whether or not we should be listing all of the live shows going on in the near future. One side of the camp suggested that we just list who is in town and then instruct listeners to peep all of the dates on our page and blog. The other side suggested that it was stupid idea and that I should shut up. Innovation is so persecuted in our society.

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Anyways, special shout out goes to Big M and his girl of 2 years on their anniversary and we're hoping they had a blast at the Canucks vs. Canadiens game. I'm sure Big M was pleased with the outcome, no matter how it turned out as he is a supporter of both clubs. Finally, never forget your inherent human rights and your responsibilities to protecting these at all costs. Stay informed in this world. As we mentioned in the show for example, new information is out on the LAPD's involvement in the coverup of the murder of Christopher Wallace. Read up here:

Please support CO-OP radio and become a member. We are a free service and need your help to stay running. Visit to find out more. Although if you are willing to donate money to Wikileaks instead, we are happy anyway.

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