Tuesday, March 1, 2011

URP Tuesdays -- Masia One in the Spot!


We've seen a lot of Charlie Sheen in the news lately, which inspired the theme for this week's beat battle: Drugs. More specifically, the adverse effects of drugs in multiple settings and situations. Don't expect us to pick Purple Pills or Drug Ballad. URP Radio is for the kiiiids.

TwoFace Al's pick was Like A Window by Dead Prez & The Outlawz, which deals with the strain drugs can put on the family environment. A solid choice, which relates to the Big M pick of the night, D-Rugs by Cam'ron featuring Brotha. Cam took a metaphorical approach to the pitfalls of drug abuse and trafficking in arguably the strongest track in his catalog. If you haven't heard the tracks, hit the URP Facebook Fanpage to hear them!

We also unleashed on a bit of a tirade against Dr. Dre & Eminem's new video for I Need A Doctor. We appreciate that Eminem and Dre have grown over the years and that as such, we shouldn't expect the Slim Shady LP Eminem, nor should we be prepared to hear Dr. Dre from The Chronic days. But aside from the fact that the video is full of more product placement than you can shake a bottle of Gatorade at. That being said, we got love for legends still putting music out for the new generation.

We were then joined by a true trailblazer in Canadian music, Masia One. In addition to being the first female artist to be nominated for a Much Music Video Award in the Rap category, she has worked with dope artists from Vancouver to Jamaica. Her work with Grammy-winning producer Che Vicious connected her with the likes of The RZA, Talib Kweli, The Game, Eminem and many more legendary artists. Masia One truly is a multi-faceted artist with a smooth sound and you would be wise to stay on the lookout for her to break out even moreso than she already has! Keep up with Masia One on www.MasiaOne.com! Big up!

We obviously gave Masia One some burn tonight, including a great dub of Rihanna's overplayed What's My Name jam which is up for download on www.MasiaOne.com, as well as some new Snoop, Lupe Fiasco, Heatwave, Saigon, Lauryn Hill and many more!

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