Tuesday, March 22, 2011

URP Tuesdays -- Mad As Hell, And We're Not Gonna Take Anymore!

We got into quite a show tonight, and really threw a curveball and decided to place the beat battle at the end of the show. Swing, strike three, yerrrrrouttathere. This week's edition was not so much a battle as it was a mini-tribute to tack onto the end of Sage's impromptu Nate Dogg set from last week, when we learned of the DPG crooner's passing about midway through the program. We picked particular tracks involving Nate not based on popularity, but our personal tastes. The two selections were 213's "Run On Up" and "O.G." by Daz featuring Snoop Dogg & Nate Dogg. Your thoughts? Check both tracks out on the URP Facebook page.

We also weighed in on the measures you can take to prevent internet data charging. Check this out:

Visit www.OpenMedia.ca and sign the petition! This affects you!

We're getting on point with the podcasts, so keep it locked on www.URPRadio.Podomatic.com.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD LAST WEEK'S PODCAST, Nate Dogg tribute edition (In the second half, anyway).

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