Friday, October 30, 2009

Weekly highlights

As always, here are some highlights from this week's show!

YZ - Thinking of a Master Plan

Jay Electronica - Suckas

DJ JS-1 f/ O.C. - Life (Dedication to Roc Raida)

BK-One f/ MURS - Eighteen to Twenty One

Swollen Members - Kyla

October 27, 2009 PODCAST -- Mixtapes for all!

We were back at it this week with a clean bill of health! The flu ran through the crew last week, but we're back at full-strength, health-wise. With that in mind, we got back into the groove tonight, with a Kam Moye double shot! We featured his new record “Splitting Image”, which is available now on MYX Music, a label that is doing big things in Hip-Hop right now. Check out this album as well as other releases from MYX, you will not be disappointed!

We were then joined by Georgia veteran, YZ, who had a lot to say! This legendary MC discussed everything from his participation in the Above The Rim soundtrack, Islam, rappers allegedly alienating themselves from the average fan, Hip-Hop being all encompassing, Poor Righteous Teachers, managing artists and more. Check out his new album, "Muad'Dib", available online now and stay tuned for more from this YZ! Hit him up at , and Also support The Green Movement, a recycling program that YZ has a stake in by visiting and seeing what they have to offer! Hip Hop can't exist if we destroy the world!

Other than that, we got into so much good music it wasn't even funny (it was dope though, don't worry). BK-One, YZ, Akrobatik, Dan-e-o, Camp Lo, The Twinz, Mathematics, M.O.P., Queen Latifah and many more! Download the podcast by CLICKING HERE!

We also have a new mixtape out mixed by DJ Sage. We will provide a free link, but if you like what you hear, here's what you can do:

1.) Become a member of CO-OP Radio CFRO 102.7fm. We are Vancouver's only community based and listener-supported radio station (aka free of big business ties and school funding). We are in the middle of our Autumn airlift, so why not show your appreciation for the programming we do on a weekly basis. Pledge as little or as much as you want and identify "The Urban Renewal Project" as your favourite Co-Op Radio program. .

2.) You can hit me with a $5 paypal ( donation and I will send you a physical copy of the CD.

3.) If you like a particular artist on this mix (most of which I know personally and are both great and talented people) then go out and spread the good word, purchase some of their music or check them out live when they touchdown in your city.

Options 1 and 2 will land you with a physical copy of the mixtape, which includes some dope cover art! Good deal!

Here is the LINK to the mix CD.

Monday, October 26, 2009

DITC Special

DITC gotta be one of the most underrated collectives in Hip-Hop. Here's a couple choice tracks from the group's members for the hell of it.

Showbiz & AG - You Know Now (Buckwild remix)

O.C. - Love Child (Produced by Buckwild)

Big L, Lord Finesse, A.G. & O.C. - Dignified Soldiers (remix)

Big L f/ Fat Joe - The Enemy (produced by DJ Premier)

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Common - Dooinit

Kurupt f/ Freeway - Check Check

Sav Killz f/ Planet Asia - Champion Rap

October 20, 2009 -- F-A-B-O!

We apologize for the lack of a podcast last week! Unfortunately, we had some technical difficulties and were not able to do the show as we usually do. I was without needles, and so I had to resort to key-j'ing.

We were back on track this week, featuring Cormega's new album, “Born & Raised”, which just dropped today on Traffic Entertainment. As usual, Mega goes hard on this one and is assisted by production from heavyweights such as DJ Premier, Large Pro, Easy Mo Bee, Havoc and more. Check this one out, as you can be sure Cormega never disappoints!

We were then joined by Brooklyn representative, the one and only Fabolous. F-A-B-O discussed his new album, “Loso's Way”, collaborating with Canadian talent, memorable moments from his rise to fame and more! Hit him at to keep up with everything Fabolous has been up to and don't sleep on his new album!

We played a ton of goodness tonight, including Redman, Cormega, Saukrates, Freeway, Common and many more! We also had Willy-E and Bay-Bay aka Bekon, who are on their promoter grind out in Chicago come by and chill with us in the studio this week. Quality talk!

Download the podcast by CLICKING HERE ! Hot fiyahhh!!

Friday, October 16, 2009


We ran into some problems this week involving a lack of needles in the studio. We did still play some music, so here's some stuff we were spinning as well as some random craziness.

Sean Price - Figure Four

Jay-Z & Kid Capri - It's Like That

O.C. - Burn Me Slow

Betty Wright - Tonight Is The Night --- Damn that bass!

Juice Crew - The Symphony

Capone-N-Noreaga - T.O.N.Y.

Crooklyn Dodgers 95 - Return Of The Crooklyn Dodgers

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Oct. 6th URP Highlights

Here are some tracks that were getting some burn this week on the URP:

Brother Ali - The Preacher

BeKay - I Am (f/ DJ Revolution) / Brooklyn Bridge f/ Masta Ace

KRS-One & Buckshot f/ Immortal Technique - Runnin' Away

Oct. 6th, 2009 PODCAST! -- Bekay & Spesh K!

We kicked it off tonight with a nice Double Shot from BK-One's new studio compilation, Radio Do Canibal. There are a ton of guest spots on this one, from Phonte to Aceyalone and it showcases some overseas production style that is very nice and fresh. Pick this one up wherever fine music is sold, although you may have to find an Internet retailer to facilitate your search!

For our first interview, we were joined by the always energetic Brooklyn MC, Bekay. This very talented MC promised us a great interview and did not disappoint! He's working on eliminating the candy-coated Hip-Hop that is saturating the commercial airwaves with his album, "Hunger Pains", which is due out on November 10th of this year. He weighed in on issues surrounding the Hip Hop and music world in general as well as why you should cop his album! Hit him up at . This man is a monster! He even dropped a freshly written verse that the world has never heard!

We were then joined by Toronto (by way of Halifax) MC, Spesh K. He discussed his new disc, "90209", which is out now! The easiest way to check it out is on iTunes, so get your online copping on! He discussed the diversity of his collaborations, touring and more! Check him out at!

We had nothing but great music tonight as well. Being back to our 2-hour timeslot, we gotta fit in nothing but the best! Cormega, Bekay, KRS-One & Buckshot, M.O.P., Pete Rock, Brother Ali and Skyzoo were front and center tonight, so make sure you download the podcast at or just CLICK HERE!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Weekly show highlights

Here's some stuff that stood out on this week's show:

Heatwave - Bills To Pay

Cormega - Make It Clear (produced by DJ Premier)

Swollen Members f/ Saukrates - Fuel Injected (remix)

URP Radio - September 29, 2009 -- Swollen Members & Killawatt!

We got tonight's show started by jumping into a Double Shot from Skyzoo's first studio album, "The Salvation". As is the case with most Duck Down Records releases, this album is a banger and could not have come too soon. It's good to see a 10-year Hip-Hop veteran finally getting an LP out there so do not sleep on it!

We were then joined one third of Vancity's own, Swollen Members, Prevail. The trio are back on the scene, doing big things worldwide and burning up the airwaves with their lead single, "Warrior" featuring Tre Nyce, from their new album, "Armed To The Teeth". Prevail discussed why it's important to keep your ear to the street, collaborations and much more! Hit up the group at to keep up with all the latest moves they're making!

Another Vancity resident, Heatwave and his crew came through the studio to chop it up with the URP. Heatwave's got the mixtape out, "Hotter Than July" out now so make sure you check that out! Jay Kin even called in to chat up his long-time friend! Check out the interview and the subsequent cypher the gang got into, and hit up Heatwave at and for everything you need to know about the team!

Download the podcast at or just CLICK HERE to get it!