Friday, October 30, 2009

October 27, 2009 PODCAST -- Mixtapes for all!

We were back at it this week with a clean bill of health! The flu ran through the crew last week, but we're back at full-strength, health-wise. With that in mind, we got back into the groove tonight, with a Kam Moye double shot! We featured his new record “Splitting Image”, which is available now on MYX Music, a label that is doing big things in Hip-Hop right now. Check out this album as well as other releases from MYX, you will not be disappointed!

We were then joined by Georgia veteran, YZ, who had a lot to say! This legendary MC discussed everything from his participation in the Above The Rim soundtrack, Islam, rappers allegedly alienating themselves from the average fan, Hip-Hop being all encompassing, Poor Righteous Teachers, managing artists and more. Check out his new album, "Muad'Dib", available online now and stay tuned for more from this YZ! Hit him up at , and Also support The Green Movement, a recycling program that YZ has a stake in by visiting and seeing what they have to offer! Hip Hop can't exist if we destroy the world!

Other than that, we got into so much good music it wasn't even funny (it was dope though, don't worry). BK-One, YZ, Akrobatik, Dan-e-o, Camp Lo, The Twinz, Mathematics, M.O.P., Queen Latifah and many more! Download the podcast by CLICKING HERE!

We also have a new mixtape out mixed by DJ Sage. We will provide a free link, but if you like what you hear, here's what you can do:

1.) Become a member of CO-OP Radio CFRO 102.7fm. We are Vancouver's only community based and listener-supported radio station (aka free of big business ties and school funding). We are in the middle of our Autumn airlift, so why not show your appreciation for the programming we do on a weekly basis. Pledge as little or as much as you want and identify "The Urban Renewal Project" as your favourite Co-Op Radio program. .

2.) You can hit me with a $5 paypal ( donation and I will send you a physical copy of the CD.

3.) If you like a particular artist on this mix (most of which I know personally and are both great and talented people) then go out and spread the good word, purchase some of their music or check them out live when they touchdown in your city.

Options 1 and 2 will land you with a physical copy of the mixtape, which includes some dope cover art! Good deal!

Here is the LINK to the mix CD.

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