Thursday, October 8, 2009

Oct. 6th, 2009 PODCAST! -- Bekay & Spesh K!

We kicked it off tonight with a nice Double Shot from BK-One's new studio compilation, Radio Do Canibal. There are a ton of guest spots on this one, from Phonte to Aceyalone and it showcases some overseas production style that is very nice and fresh. Pick this one up wherever fine music is sold, although you may have to find an Internet retailer to facilitate your search!

For our first interview, we were joined by the always energetic Brooklyn MC, Bekay. This very talented MC promised us a great interview and did not disappoint! He's working on eliminating the candy-coated Hip-Hop that is saturating the commercial airwaves with his album, "Hunger Pains", which is due out on November 10th of this year. He weighed in on issues surrounding the Hip Hop and music world in general as well as why you should cop his album! Hit him up at . This man is a monster! He even dropped a freshly written verse that the world has never heard!

We were then joined by Toronto (by way of Halifax) MC, Spesh K. He discussed his new disc, "90209", which is out now! The easiest way to check it out is on iTunes, so get your online copping on! He discussed the diversity of his collaborations, touring and more! Check him out at!

We had nothing but great music tonight as well. Being back to our 2-hour timeslot, we gotta fit in nothing but the best! Cormega, Bekay, KRS-One & Buckshot, M.O.P., Pete Rock, Brother Ali and Skyzoo were front and center tonight, so make sure you download the podcast at or just CLICK HERE!

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