Thursday, May 28, 2009

URP Radio -- Tuesday, May 26th 2009

URP followers!

We got things kicked off with the Busta Rhymes & Scratch collaboration, "Bullshit You Not", which is available for free download online! You have no reason not to check this out!

We were then joined over the phone by IMAKEMADBEATS, a California-born producer who has been making big moves in 2009! We discussed his recent collaboration with Roc C entitled "Transcontinental", as well as the influence various artists and location have had on his music. Stay tuned for a self-titled production album from IMAKEMADBEATS and more! Check him out at!

Next up was El Prez, out of California. We discussed his start and his progression in the game, influences, collabos and also got into talking about his new mixtape with Dale Danja, "Perfect Strangers". For all the latest on El Prez, hit up his MySpace ( Don't sleep on El Prez!

Tons of music too, from D-Sisive to Red & Meth to Snak The Ripper to Illa J to M-1 and more, we got you covered! Check out the podcast by CLICKING HERE

Friday, May 22, 2009


Wu-Ooh! New track from Raekwon featuring Method Man & Ghostface Killah that's been getting a lot of burn on the URP in the past month...

Raekwon f/ Method Man & Ghostface Killah - Wu-Ooh

New Classic from De La Soul and timeless track from Saukrates...

This new De La Soul track is called Forever, and it's off "Are You In?" album they put out with Nike. Nice!

Just thought I'd also throw Comin' Up by Saukrates because it's also a classic that never gets old!

URP Radio -- Tuesday, May 19, 2009


We got it kicked off with a double shot from Redman & Method Man's second team effort, Blackout 2. Every track I've heard from the album (which is most of them) has been solid which leads me to believe this is one you're not gonna wanna sleep on. Check it and support two East Coast veterans who stay providing good music!

We were then joined live by West Coast veteran Roc C, who is setting up to have a busy second-half of 2009. We discussed his new release with IMAKEMADBEATS, entitled "The Transcontinental. This is another solid album that features Chino XL, Rapper Big Pooh and more! Roc C also discussed the Hip-Hop scene Oxnard California, production on his new album, Oh No, Prince Po and more! Do NOT miss this album! Check out Roc C's MySpace ( and for some Roc C swag!

We got into a ton of good tunes tonight as well, from KRS-One & Buckshot to Marco Polo, JD Era to Raekwon and beyond! The Podcast is up at so check for it!


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Old favourite..........

Time to drop an old favourite on you folks cause this track gets me in beast mode!

Cypress Hill - Hits From The Bong

URP Radio -- Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What's good?

Hope you enjoyed last week's show... Once again, you can download the podcast at ! We had interviews with D-Sisive, Shad and Vancity's Nicest, Jay Kin, was in the spot!

We fell back from interviews this O-Dog-less week and got into a lot of dope tracks. We played some more from the new Redman & Method Man album, which in our opinion is gonna blow everyone away. I'm sure a lot of those cuts are gonna get some major burn on the URP. We also got everything from some classic and new Reflection Eternal, De La Soul and plenty more from Grand Analog & Shad to Wale and Chali 2Na!

We featured Tanya Morgan's second studio LP, "Brooklynati", as our double shot this week. This Brooklyn/Cincinatti collective provides the masses with some dope raw Hip-Hop as well as some laid back, jazzy smooth ish on this record. Check it out for sure. Hit them up at

As always, you can download the podcast of this dope show at RIGHT HERE right now!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

URP Radio - Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

Another week, another dope show!

Once again, our apologies for a lack of a podcast last week. We ran into some time constraints related to our radio station's Spring member drive.

Our noses are right back to the grindstone this week though. First, we featured D-Sisive's new album, Let The Children Die. We were also joined by the Toronto veteran over the phone to discuss the new project, which features the likes of Kypreos, Guilty Simpson, Buck 65 and many more, as well as production from The Archaeologists, DJ Alibi, Moss and plenty more. Don't sleep on this one! We also discussed his recent Juno nomination, as well as why today was a great day to celebrate! "Hooray!". Hit him up at for tour dates, tracks and to check out the album!

We also got into an interview with the Ontario-born Shad, who recently became a resident of Vancouver. We discussed random Vancity spots as well as the hip-hop scene and upcoming tour dates and projects from Shad. Look for The Old Prince on the Warped Tour in Vancouver in mid-August! Stop by for tour dates and more!

Vancity's Nicest, Jay Kin, who is freshly back from Japan, also stopped by the studio to kick it with us! This show quickly became a coast-to-coast Canadian hip-hop extravaganza! Big! Hit Jay up at for downloads and contact information pertaining to shows and collaborations!

Outside of a host of dope guests, we also got into a gang of new tracks, such as some new De La Soul and the new single from the upcoming KRS-One & Buckshot project! Check out the podcast by clicking HERE or through


April's BIG track?

I've been slackin' on these for a while, but this track is good enough to garner "BIG track" status. Ha.

K-Os f/ Saukrates - I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

URP Radio - - - Cinco de Mayo!


No podcast for last week's show, as we ran into some time conflicts with the radio station. We'll be back to normal this week though, so tune in tonight at 10pm PST when we will be featuring D-Sisive's new album, Let The Children Die. D-Sisive himself will be joining us over the phone for an interview as well, so check it out! And expect a podcast by the end of the week!

Also, make sure you check out Vancouver's own Jeff Spec's blog which is linked on the right. Hit it up for pics, downloads, and more! Updated daily!