Thursday, May 14, 2009

URP Radio -- Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What's good?

Hope you enjoyed last week's show... Once again, you can download the podcast at ! We had interviews with D-Sisive, Shad and Vancity's Nicest, Jay Kin, was in the spot!

We fell back from interviews this O-Dog-less week and got into a lot of dope tracks. We played some more from the new Redman & Method Man album, which in our opinion is gonna blow everyone away. I'm sure a lot of those cuts are gonna get some major burn on the URP. We also got everything from some classic and new Reflection Eternal, De La Soul and plenty more from Grand Analog & Shad to Wale and Chali 2Na!

We featured Tanya Morgan's second studio LP, "Brooklynati", as our double shot this week. This Brooklyn/Cincinatti collective provides the masses with some dope raw Hip-Hop as well as some laid back, jazzy smooth ish on this record. Check it out for sure. Hit them up at

As always, you can download the podcast of this dope show at RIGHT HERE right now!


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