Sunday, March 22, 2009

Riot breaks out at Necro concert in Vancouver

The scene was tense from the beginning, with dedicated fans fiending to see their boy Necro live at Richard's on Richards last night (March 21st). Around midnight, an announcement was made (I didn't hear it) that Necro was not going to be able to do his set. Apparently his bus caught a flat tire somewhere between Calgary and here.

So what happens?

Bottles, glasses, and basically anything that wasn't nailed down started flying everywhere. Actually I retract that statement, because even tables got ripped out of the floor and thrown around. The club was completely trashed and lots of people who went to the show for a good time were unnecessarily hurt. This all popped off while that frickin warrior DJ Sage was on stage finishing up his opening set.

To the people who started this shitstorm and to those who kept it going: Way to make sure that Necro will never be booked in Vancouver again because nobody is going to want you crazy fools in their club. There was already plans being made for a make-up show as early as tonight (Sunday, March 22) when it became official that Necro wasn't going to be able to do the show last night. But now that's out the window. Good work guys

This was an embarrassment in so many ways and it makes Hip-Hop look like a complete joke in the public eye. Click here to read the article.

Also, don't forget to support DJ Sage at as he goes for Underground DJ of the year.

DJ Sage takes stitches for Hip-Hop!


blah199 said...

well what do you expect when they know hes not going to show up and they let everyone in to buy a shitload of drinks anyways, they got what they deserved

URP Radio said...

The announcement could have been made sooner, but not by more than 45 minutes or an hour. There was still no excuse for throwing shit all over the place, like that was going to make Necro magically show up. Come on now, we both know that was some ignorant shit.