Thursday, November 19, 2009

November 17, 2009 -- Strong Arm Steady!

Back once again after a brief one-week hiatus!

We got back into it by featuring (and yes, this was a surprise to me), 50 Cent's "Before I Self Destruct" in our Double Shot. The album actually has a full-circle feel to it, despite the few obvious bubblegum tracks. It also comes with a tribute DVD to Jam Master Jay, so that's gotta be worth something.

A bunch of hot music was then spun, and we got into an interview with Krondon and Phil Da Agony from the West Coast supergroup, Strong Arm Steady. Phil & Kron discussed the work that's gone into their new albums, "Arms & Hammers" and "Stoney Jackson", both due out on the legendary Stones Throw Records. We also discussed Madlib, clothing deals and the various ways that SAS are connected with the Vancouver scene. Check out the SAS gang at for all the latest news on the West Coast trio.

We were joined by Craig Mac who is doing big things for Hip-Hop in the Lower Mainland in terms of organizing shows in Vancouver and Whistler, so hit up as well as anywhere fine tickets are sold!

We also got into yet another installment of "Who Flipped It Better?", or "Flip the Tune", or "Who Used a Particular Sample for a Song better", whatever you want to call it. Either way, the concept is simple. We get into two tracks that both use the same sample. This week, the contestants were DJ Quik - "Get At Me" from Safe + Sound and Brand Nubian - "Brand Nubian" from One For All. Who do you think killed the track?

Wanna know who we picked as the winner? DOWNLOAD THE PODCAST! CLICK HERE!

Speaking of free music, want more? Download this new URP Radio/Finale Design CD mixed by DJ Sage. Here is the link and share with the rest of the world: URP Radio/Finale present: The Process (Mixed by DJ Sage)

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