Friday, January 15, 2010

January 12 PODCAST -- Global Syndicate

We decided to skip the Double Shot to get right into the madness that is the URP's opening mix! Tons of goodness though, so don't get emotional about the phantom Double Shot. It'll be back next week!

Vancity's own Global Syndicate rolled through the studio to let the people know what's up with Vancouver's best kept secret. The collective is no joke and will be opening for the legendary Raekwon the Chef on his upcoming Canadian tour. Keep an eye out for them because they are doing big things! Hit them up on MySpace at

Big props go out to Emotionz for holding down the longest running Hip-Hop night in Vancouver. Unfortunately, Monday Night Live will be coming to a conclusion at the end of February. Emotionz will still be rocking the back room of Shine with Dubstep every Wednesday though, so he won't be too far. Congratulations go out to him on running MNL very well and best of luck to him in the future!

Download this week's podcast HERE! Big tunes!

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