Wednesday, July 28, 2010

URP Tuesdays!

We kicked it off once again by featuring what is reportedly Slum Village's final studio album. The group has had its fair share of hardship over the years, losing the legendary producer J. Dilla in February of 2006, and Baatin in July of 2009. Nonetheless, they have written the group's final chapter with Villa Manifesto. Both Baatin and Dilla make posthumous appearances on this very good album that deserves to be supported. Make sure you check this disc out or you will be stuck regretting not knowing what's what!

DJ Quickie Mart was first up to bat tonight, chatting with us live from New Orleans. The producer/DJ has been making big moves bouncing back and forth from NO to LA, working with Freddie Gibbs, Gotham Green and many more but took the time out of his schedule to chop it up with us! We discussed the struggles facing New Orleans in the light of the BP oil spill, old school samples, the Haze series and more! Check out The Haze Diaries Vol. 3 with Gotham Green and keep up with Quickie Mart at and

We were then joined by Lee, one half of the Vancouver duo, Pigeon Hole. They have just recently released Age Like Astronauts, which is a great album that should not be slept on. If you are a fan of the Sweatshop Union (which Pigeon Hole are a part of), you will love this LP. We discussed the group's production process, touring and more! Make sure you check out the album ASAP and stay on top of things by visiting or their URBnet page!

We also got into a ton of tunes tonight, including material from Kooley High, Blaq Poet, LL Cool J, The Kid Daytona, Slum Village, Gotham Green & Quickie Mart, Pigeon Hole and tons more. Don't miss this one! Look out for the podcast very shortly, we will have the podcast available on and VERY shortly!

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