Tuesday, May 17, 2011

URP Tuesdays -- May 17th, 2011 -- Faces in the Crowd

We welcomed ourselves back to Co-Op Radio following last week's hiatus by bringing back the legendary, amazing, mythical, tantalizing DOUBLE SHOT! Will it remain? Will it return from whence it came? Only time will tell. Alls we know is that we churned out a couple of tracks for the people, coming from Edo G's new album, "Face In The Crowd". Another nice release from Edo G, who speaks to the Golden Era crowd on this record. "I Was There" and "Drink Up" were the tracks chosen to get your attention, now check out the rest of the album. And remember, make sure to support good music!

We also got into a lengthy Black Moon set, in honour of their May 18th visit to Vancouver. There is no shortage of Black Moon classics, so we got into a ton of tunes from the Boot Camp Clik veretans, as well as some Wais P, Elzhi, Malkovich, Shad, and many more. Don't forget to log onto www.CoOpRadio.org and become a Co-Op member to keep artists like these on 102.7fm CFRO! Tell 'em the URP is your favourite show!

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