Tuesday, June 7, 2011

URP Tuesdays -- June 7th, 2011 -- Randominium!

Once again it's on!

We pretty much got right into it, not only providing more scintillating conversation than Jeff Goldblum, but also the absolute best in Hip-Hop. Instead of doing a beat battle or double shot, we rocked the new Random Axe single, "Chewbacca". In other news, the name "Chewbacca" still receives the dreaded squiggly red typo line when typed in a Blogspot text box. This is a travesty, especially since I'm planning to name my second, fourth and twelfth child Chewbacca :-(. Anyhow, the Random Axe LP drops a week from today and we are all rather pumped on that fact.

We were also feeling the fact that Summer finally seems to be on its way to Vancouver. Better late than never, right? Thanks, Mother Nature. I guess you were busy reigning absolute terror on Asia, South America and the Caribbean. However, in all seriousness, people need to stop complaining about poor weather or the lack of sunshine we are getting here in North America, when millions of people have been killed, injured and displaced around the world because of natural disasters. Donate a few bucks to relief efforts and help your fellow man, even if it means having a couple less 8 dollar cups of coffee.

We got into a ton of nice tunes for the nice weather, including a ton of DJ Quik, Fresh Prince, Rascalz, Rich Kidd and much, much more. Also hit up the URP Facebook page and LIKE us! Downloads, newsbits, and of course, scintillating conversation are the norm over at the Urban Renewal Project. Follow us on Twitter while you're at it!


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