Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back again! We had to take a brief hiatus on account of DJ Sage connecting and doing shows out in Toronto all last week.

We are back and better than ever though! We were joined live in studio by Seattle's own Khingz. As his website says, "if punk rock and blues met in a dark cigarette smoke hidden speak easy in Gotham City and overwhelmed by jazz induced lust bore a child they raised in a ghetto to an alternative sound track you’d get Khingz." This is the truth, as Khingz brings passion and an honest, grassroots style every time he touches the microphone. He also got into an INSANE marathon freestyle, so check out the podcast because you don't want to miss out on it! Don't forget to hit up his website,

The birthday boy, Vancity's Nicest, Jay Kin also slid into the studio to kick it with us. He also kicked a crazy birthday freestyle and chopped it up with us about what was next for the coast-to-coast MC. Check him out at for show dates, videos and all the info you need! Don't forget to pick up a copy of "On The Humble" at Dipt, Beatstreet Records and online.

Our weekly Emotionz segment was back on track this week as the man running Vancity's longest standing HipHop night joined us on the phone to discuss the most recent Rent Money battle, Snak The Ripper's Sex Machine album release party, and what's next for Monday Night Live at The Modern! Hit him up at for all the latest on Monday Night Live, tour dates and more.

Download this jam-packed podcast at! Or you could just CLICK HERE and download it! It's really up to you.

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