Monday, February 22, 2010

With the Olympic games in full swing, we came with the heat again tonight. Starting things off with a double shot off of the new Freeway and Jake One album “Stimulus Package”, which is an absolute banger.

We had some Canadians in the house too, whether over the phone or live and direct.

Halifix MC, Kool Krys called up the station to talk with us about her 2nd album “PERFUME”.
You can cop it on Bandcamp at :
Also check out:

We were also joined by local MC: Little T.
He has got a mixtape comin out called “The Littlest Biggest Deal”.
You can cop that on the streets! OR at the shows.
Check him out on February 19th at Brandiz Pub in the East Side.
Peep HEAVYSET every Friday night at Brandiz.
If you are interested in contacting them, as a local artist, email em up at:

We had a cypher with Little T, Nigel, Dave, and 2 Face Al. Lots of fun, keepin hip hop real.

Then we got back into some more bangers. Best believe it.
Also had 2 Face Al drop a verse or 2 over some new beats.

Download the PODCAST here!

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