Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May 12, 2010 PODCAST -- Click & Elekwent Folk interviews + Cypher Madness

We got into it once again for another Tuesday night, featuring the new Scarface's first ever mixtape, entitled “Dopeman Music”. We figured it was kind of strange to see Scarface release his first mixtape after just about 20 years in the game, but hey... he says that because he's a free agent he wanted to do a mixtape! He puts on a lot of unsigned talent with this release, so on top of this mixtape being a solid release, he's giving his people a chance. Check it out.

We were then joined by Click from the Stylus Group. You might remember the Stylus Group for their yearly DJ Awards, among other things. Make sure you check out the "It Starts With The DJ" Conference which is making stops in several spots across Canada and touching down in Vancouver on May 22nd. Just Blaze will be the keynote speaker and Vancouver's finest DJs (DJ Sage) will be in the house. If you are a DJ trying to step your game up, make sure you come to this conference because you'll get to hear first hand accounts of how to make an impact in the music business. Check out or look up "It Starts With The DJ" on Facebook for more information.

We also had the Elekwent Folk in the house tonight. They came down to touch off on their new projects and drop a few freestyles with 2 Face Al. They got a lot going on so look forward to their new album coming soon called “Northern Lights”. Ridiculous cypher, so make sure you DOWNLOAD THE PODCAST NOW to listen to smooth flows off the top over some great summer beats.

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