Friday, May 28, 2010

URP Radio PODCAST - Deep from 2 Hungry Bros -- May 15, 2010

Hip-hop fans are liking it in Vancouver these days. Since EPMD, Public Enemy and Reflection Eternal are hitting off shows this week, we decided it was only right to hit you in the head with a ton of tracks from these three legendary groups. If you're up on hip-hop, you'll be digging the tunes tonight!

We were also joined by Deep, one half of the NYC production duo, 2 Hungry Bros... We chopped it up about collaborations, past and upcoming projects as well as the best place to get a good meal, coast-to-coast. The Bros have been and continue to make big moves in the Hip-Hop realm and have probably worked with some of your favourite artists so get familiar! Make sure you check out 2 Hungry Bros on, and last but not least,

Like we said, we got into a ton of great tunes, many of which were EPMD and Reflection Eternal related, so we really couldn't go wrong now could we! This has been one of our best shows of the year so don't sleep!


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