Tuesday, January 25, 2011

URP Tuesdays: Play It Cool, and Move Slow

We set the tone of tonight's show by getting into another edition of the Battle of the Beats, with the theme of speed. More specifically, driving quickly (in a closed course with professional tutelage, of course).

The Big M pick was originally going to be One Forty by Nappy Roots, but due to format issues with the file (damn you iTunes and your .m4a format), we were unable to get it cued up. Instead, I settled on Speed by DJ Quik. While the subject matter isn't velocity-focused, the instrumental and rhyme flow will have you pressing down on the accelerator if you listen to it in a car. 2Face Al's pick was drawn from personal experience, as he has cruised at high (but completely safe) speeds to They Don't Know by Freeway and The Jacka. Next time you make a playlist for your wheels, make sure to include these tracks!

DJ Quik - Speed

The Jacka & Freeway - They Don't Know

We also got into a ton of music from Saukrates, Tona, Anami Vice, Nas, Miguel f/ J. Cole, Murs, Freeway and even some Bone Thugs N Harmony. No time to waste in our timeslot, it goes by fast!

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